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Flask’s Co-Star in these Cinematic Moments – Can you “Name that Film?”

Watching re-runs of movies on late night TV. You know the end of the movie and a few lines by heart, but do you know if the movie has a scene with a Flask?

Thought Not. Here are some second takes we did when we asked ourselves that question.

1) Cartoon character who keeps his flask in a cut out of the bible while wondering why it is called the good book? Homer Simpson

2) While looking at his reflection in a photo of Queen Elizabeth he apologizes and takes a swig from a silver flask? James Bond

3) Arnold Nimzicki shares a flask while waiting to see if the human race will be extinguished? Independence Day.

4) Fox pulls out a small flask from his back pocket and takes several large swallows, screwing up his face a little. "But I work for free.” He says – Xfiles – The Movie

5) Flask toting Santa? Bad Santa

6) Two men are trapped in a sewer from a freak accident and one has a flask. Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy – I Spy

7) CIA flick where Pitt gives Redford a flask as a gift? Spy Game

8) HBO Hit Show …why am I hiding it (the Flask) in your footlocker. I’m a captain, for Christ sake -- Band of Brothers

9) Marilyn Monroe pulls a hidden hip flask from her garter belt and swigs some bourbon -- Some Like it Hot

10) John Travolta shows off his multitasking abilities in this film where drinking from a flask, driving and shooting heroin at the same time – Pulp Fiction Some other films/TV shows that have used the flask as a prop include: Mona Lisa Smile, Across the Universe, the family guy and Sweet Bird of Youth. If you stumble upon a film with a flask scene, send us a line and we’ll make sure to include it.


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