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The History of the Flask

Most of the readily found information regarding the history of flasks starts at about the 18th century.  We at Crazy4Flasks believe that actual flask usage started much earlier and started on multiple continents using different materials depending on the locale.  For instance pig bellies where used where pigs were readily available, other notable mentions are varieties of hard fruits and leather hides.   The Greeks, Romans, Celts, Scotts all carried some sort of ancient flask that led to the 18th century phenomenon of elite male flask ownership.   In some ways, things have not changed much – the flask is still a common accessory.  However, there have been some noteworthy changes worth mentioning:

1)      Original flasks were made of glass, leather and/or silver.  Today flasks are more commonly made of stainless steel.  Stainless steel does not corrode or rust and is readily engravable so makes for a sturdy long lasting flask.  Interestingly, people thought that the silver in the silver flasks made the liquor taste better.  Today, silver flasks are collector’s items.

2)      Though flasks were traditionally thought of as a man’s accessory, today flask ownership is now commonplace amongst men and woman.

3)      Most flasks now come with a captive top that was invented to make sure that one did not lose the cap.  You can see how this may be a problem with flask ownership.  With the captive top, you are less likely to have to replace your flask.

4)      Flasks now come with funnels and shot cups to make filling the flask and sharing the contents just a bit easier.

5)      Flasks are now given as gifts because they can be engraved which makes them a extra special when given to a friend or family member.

6)      You can now find flasks in varying sizes and colors, whereas, the selection use to be pretty limited.  Today you can find a one once keychain flask or and 85 ounce mega ton flask.  Flasks can range in color from hot pint to lemon yellow.

7)      Flasks have moved from being a functional accessory to a very personalized stylish accessory with many people owning more than one flask.

If you have any thoughts or knowledge of the history and evolution of the flask, we’d love to hear from you.


Bill Wilson