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Flask Etiquette

Everyone knows what a flask is, but how many really take the time to think about Flask etiquette prior to getting into an uncomfortable situation? Like most things in life, there is a proper way to use a flask that ensures you’ll know how to handle sometimes sticky situations.

Use the following thoughts as a rule of thumb and you’ll never wonder if you’ve done the right thing again.

5 Things Every Flask Carrier Should Know.


  1. Keep it Clean: This includes both the inside to rid it of any contents that may be remaining and the outside. Be especially conscious when cleaning the mouthpiece. Don’t put soap in the flask if you intend to carry alcohol. See cleaning instructions above

  2. Just Say NO: Many people may ask to share your liquid beverage. Learn to say NO. This believe it or not is hard. You can also add sentiments like… “No, I don’t have much left”. “No, it isn’t mine” “No, I am waiting for a friend.” “No, I’ve got a cold.”

  3.  Stranger Danger: Don’t share the flask with strangers. However, feel free to advise them to purchase their own at

  4. Beware of Backwash: Whether it’s yours, mine or ours – his or hers, keep the original liquid in the flask and try not to supplement with your individual flavors of backwash. Nasty – trust us on this one.

  5. Share Fair: If you have decided to share make sure you share fair; nobody likes to learn the hard way the difference between a nip and a swallow.

  6. Don’t Flash your Flask: A flask is meant to be carried discretely meaning discretion is advised.