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Flask Carrying Celebrities

Well, the name of the game with Flasks is discretion. Since flasks are about being discreet, who really knows who carries one.

However, celebrities more than others have to worry about discretion and privacy so we’re thinking probably more than a few are flask owners. Send us your thoughts on who’s who in the world of Flasks and we’ll put together our own listing of Famous Flask Carriers.

Some celebrities that we’ve found stories about include:

1) Frank Sinatra: Legend has it that Sinatra was buried in a blue suit with a flask of Jack Daniel's whiskey, a roll of ten dimes, a Zippo lighter and a pack of Camel cigarettes. – AllAboutJazz – June 27, 2010

2) Seen above George Clooney at the 2010 Oscars --, March 2010

3) Keifer Sutherland is said to have taken a flask out of his back pocket as he gave his Last Day of Jail Speech during lunch – Huffington Post January 28th, 2008

4) It is alleged that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had an empty flask found in the wreckage they both survived in 2001. - ABCNews – June 2001

5) Justin Timberlake was with Britney so we’ve co-tagged this famous couple as once upon a time flask carriers, though Justin owning a brand of tequila may still be packing a flask. - ABCNews – June 2001

6) Joan Crawford – During rehearsals for the show (I love Lucy), Lucille Ball caught Crawford drinking from a flask in her purse. The next day, the legendary film actress was late to the set. --, 1967 I love Lucy episode.

7) Zsa Zsa Gabor – Arrested in June 1989, a vehicle search produced a flask of bourbon –, June 1989

8) Paris Hilton – Paris’s newest flask contains H20? Liquid Salvation that is -- Nov 22, 2007

9) Billy Piper – When filming Secret Diary of a Call Girl in rather chilly temperatures Billy Piper took a few swigs of whiskey to keep warm -- Mail Online, Nov 2010