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Cool Flask Carrier

Compliments of StormDrane

The photo below is of our Stainless Steel 8oz Flask. We sent this flask to a master of knot works and in a few days he worked his magic.

The result, as you can see, is sophisticated and elegant.

Hello, I'm Bill Wilson - owner and founder of Crazy4Flasks I found the following passage about Flask usage on AskMenand thought is really embodied true flask ownership so I’ve chosen to share it with you here –

“Revealing a flask and sharing it with only those you trust is a sacred act because a flask is not about showing off. Using a flask properly is about quiet sophistication and softening the edges of a tough world with stolen moments among friends, and reminding yourself that you’re a man who drinks real booze”

With that in mind, enjoy our selection and the information that we’ve compiled regarding flask ownership and usage.