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Engraving Ideas

Often you have between twelve and twenty characters on one or two lines to work with when engraving or personalizing flask. What you say, of course, depends on whether flask is a gift or for yourself and if it’s a gift, if it’s a corporate or personal gift.

We’ve given a range of options below.

1. Three Initials are always popular on Flasks. (Typically 3 Characters)

2. 1st Line: Love Always (11 characters) 2nd Line: Name/Initials (Another 3+ characters)

3. 1st Line: Thank you (9 characters) 2nd Line: My Friend (9 characters) or a Name/Initials (3 + characters)

4. 1st Line: Club Name (Atlanta JCC) 2nd Line: Date (8 – 20 characters)

5. 1st Line: With Love (9 characters) and/or a Name/Intials (3+characters) 2nd Line: Date (8 – 20 characters)

6. 1st Line: Go Team (7 characters) or substitute Team Name Go Braves (9+ Characters) 2nd Line: Date (8 – 20 characters)

7. 1st Line: Formal Name (i.e. John Smith) (10 Characters) 2nd Line: Date (i.e. 03/20/2011) (8 characters)

8. Fun Code: a. Love to Party (13 Characters) b. Party Time (10 Characters) c. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (25 characters)

9. 1st Line: Company Name (i.e. Crazy4Store) (11 characters) 2nd Line: Date (8 – 20 characters)

10. 1st Line: Congratulations (15 characters) 2nd Line: Date (8 – 20 characters)